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One-on-one classes provide the student an opportunity to work with one of our native-speaking instructor in a personal, private setting.

  • The student will receive personalized instruction granting them the greatest results in attaining their individual goals and personal objectives. All instruction is tailored to the student’s needs.
  • Accelerated students or students interested in maximizing fluency in a short amount of time are encouraged to enroll in this class. 
  • This course provides 40 hours of personal instruction (per level).

Time: Student Preference
Place: Student Preference

Group Classes

Group classes provide students a more affordable approach to private instruction with excellent results. 

  • HISPALIA offers group classes ‘on’ or ‘off- site’ (Students are encouraged to use one of the classrooms at our school, in Tempe, when possible). 
  • Students enrolled in a group class will receive 40 hours of instruction (per level) with a native-speaking teacher and will have the opportunity of gathering insight and obtaining functional practice with other students. 
  • Classes meet twice a week for a two hour session.

Time: Group Preference; Pre-set Times
Place: ‘On’ of ‘Off-site’; Group Preference

Customized Programs

HISPALIA’s industry specific curriculum meets the Spanish demands in various professional and technical fields; such as: international business, public health, law enforcement, engineering and the medical field.

These courses are available both ‘one-on-one’ or in ‘group’ settings (Tuition will be based on the class structure per the price list above); locations and times will be set according to the students’ needs.

Customized Curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fire Department Certification
  • Federal and State Law Enforcement
    • Police Officer Certification
    • DUI Training
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Head Start and Child Care
  • Legal Terminology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Train the trainers
  • Special Training for Language Instructors
Level 1
Group Classes

One on One Classes