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Why Learn Spanish

1. Spanish is the 4th most extensively spoken language around the world.

2. There are over 30 million Spanish Speakers in the United States alone and approximately 400 million speakers world-wide.

3. Spanish is the official language of 4 continents and is becoming the second language of choice in Europe.

4. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries and has extensive cultural connections.

5. Spanish will increase your understanding of English and enhance your communication abilities. (Spanish shares Indo-European roots and is derived from Latin origins; much of the English vocabulary)

6. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn because of it’s similarities to the English vocabulary.  When written it is almost completely phonetic and often looks exactly as it should be pronounced.

7. Enhance your travel experiences

8. Become more marketable to employers.

9. Spanish allows you to interact and compete effectively in the global economy.

10. Acquiring Spanish as a second language makes acquiring another foreign language easier.

Children who receive second language instruction:

Perform better in their native language and in school overall.
Develop greater problem - solving skills.
Become more creative and achieve a greater understanding of their culture.
Score higher on both the verbal and mathematics sections of standardized tests.