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Costa Rica International Immersion

Brennen - “I’m not ready to go back home because I like this (Costa Rican) life style… 100% Pure Life!”

Sarah – “I love the people a lot, because they are really nice; and ‘Pura Vida’ is probably like the best way to describe it.  It’s not as materialist and superficial as the United States, which is really a big difference from what we’re all used to. And my host family is like completely awesome, especially like my brother, he was really cool.”

Blake - “Oh my stars! It was amazing! It was so much fun, we got to see a ‘mono’ and eat really good food… zip-lining… river-rafting was so much fun and the beach was so cool… it’s so much more fun and exciting here than the desert and not much to look forward to going home… ‘Pura Vida’… it’s pure life… that’s what it is here – for the most part.”