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Our Method

The Methodology

Based upon the principles of linguistic studies, our method is designed to maximize language proficiency. HISPALIA emphasizes student’s development on conversational fluency and encourages students to practice their new and existing skills in every lesson.

You will be instructed by a team of professional teachers who are native Spanish speakers. 
From the moment instruction begins, you will learn Spanish the same way you did your native language, through: active participation, listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing.

You will acquire the proper grammatical skills through spontaneous and informal conversation, enabling you to communicate correctly and successfully.
Besides the regular courses, HISPALIA also offers:

  • Local Immersion Programs (hyperlink the first 3 bullet points to the ‘courses’ link)
  • A Variety of Workshops
  • Children’s Summer Spanish Camps
  • International Immersion Classes (Can we work it out this is hyperlinked to redirect to our ‘news/events?’)

Method Overview

HISPALIA’s Method provides a clear, simple and efficient method that works as follows:

  • A comprehensive and balanced curriculum integrating all aspects of the Spanish language that guarantees students learn Spanish and are able to transfer their knowledge to any setting.
  • A detailed program that guarantees excellent results and gives the students the right tools to acquire the Spanish language in a short period of time.
  • Popular songs, movies, Latin American guest speakers and games in Spanish that will allow practice, interaction and contact with authentic Hispanic culture.
  • Thoroughly trained and constantly supervised professional Spanish speaking instructors.
  • Frequent evaluations that will reflect the students' progress and regular follow-up on the advancement of the class by the teacher.
  • Simple and clear didactic materials that help students to practice and review the lessons covered in class.

The Program

  • HISPALIA offers customized programs for children of all ages, groups, businesses and individuals. 
  • HISPALIA has industry specific curriculum to meet the Spanish demands in various professional and technical fields, such as: international business, public health, law, medicine and engineering.
  • Curriculum is specifically tailored for elementary school students by providing basic vocabulary and grammar; allowing students to develop their conversational and communication skills linguistically.
  • Our accelerated programs provide students the support and resources to attain the highest level of fluency in the shortest amount of time.
  • Support programs provide students the opportunity to make authentic, native cultural contacts through lectures, reading groups, movies and informal conversational groups.


Our professional native-speaking teachers provide individuals the tools they need to incrementally and successfully increase their Spanish skills by applying our accelerated curriculum and proven linguistic approach.

Our customized program has proven effective with:
• individuals
• corporate groups
• students of all ages


Our professional native-speaking teachers are educated and have extensive training in HISPALIA’s teaching method. They are continually evaluated and have a deep knowledge of the Hispanic culture as well as a passion for education and teaching.

Program Outline  

Course Description
Complete grammar structures: affirmative, negative sentences, questions, question words
Extensive vocabulary (nouns, family, transportation, places, colors, etc.)
Present and infinitive forms of regular and irregular verbs and their conjugations
Personal pronouns and cognates
Basic conversation
Context of ideas
Functional Spanish reading and understanding
Level 1
Use of infinitives
Present, continuous, past, future and imperative forms of regular and irregular verbs
Extensive vocabulary (house, restaurant, etc)
Numbers and values
Time expressions
Feelings, weather, cognates
Level 2
Passive voice Lots of verbs
Conversational drills
Use of “tú” (all verbs and tenses)
Expressions of frequency and materials
Reflexive verbs.
Level 3
Civil status
Auxiliary Verbs
Extensive cognates
Summary of all tenses and vocabulary
Level 4
Latin-American values
Review of vocabulary and grammar
Analyze and summarize a cultural article
Open conversation
Provide a structured presentation


Local Immersions:

Intensive Spanish classes. These classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM daily. Please contact our office to schedule a class.

International Immersions:

HISPALIA offers students the opportunity to study abroad through an international-immersion program to Grecia, Costa Rica.  While in Costa Rica, students will attend school at ACCE (Academia Centroamericana de Español) an internationally renowned school; where students will have the opportunity to practice their skills while being immersed in the Latin American culture.  Students will also have a choice of participating in a myriad of excursions and other experiences.